School of Prayer


What are people saying?

Eye- opening. Gave me the understanding that I truly am called to be a Saint. This series gave me tools to move toward that end! 

The "School of Prayer" was not only a lesson in how to better your prayer life, but even more these instructors were very inspirational witnesses of how prayer can bring joy and peace to your life. 

This time was most profound and has had a deep impact on my prayer life.

I am incredibly inspired by such practical ways to pray.


Give your parishioners the gift of a transformative prayer life

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Do all of your parishioners know how to pray with their heart?  Have they ever been taught how to?

Being a Catholic disciple is impossible without real growth in intimacy with God in prayer. We want to help teach your parishioners how to pray (1) authentically (2) deeply and (3) so that their lives are transformed. 

School of Prayer is a four-part, weekly course offered at your own parish where we come in to help teach your parishioners about the spiritual life and how to put it into practice. Drawing heavily on the Church's mystical tradition (especially the Carmelite mystics) this series is both practical and rich theologically.


Session 1: The Why and How-to of Prayer

Session 2: Frustrations in Prayer

Session 3: Profound Intimacy

Session 4: The Three Ages of the Interior Life

Our Christian communities must become genuine “schools” of prayer.
— Pope St. John Paul II // Novo Millenio Ineuente


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