If you want discipleship to be the norm at your parish, you have come to the right place. 

Parish Partnerships is at the core of what we do as an apostolate. It represents a substantial commitment by L'Alto to roll up our sleeves and work intensively, side-by-side, with your parish community to implement a strategic process for forming missionary disciples. When you discern that you want to team up with us to make your parish's ministry more fruitful, we become a de facto department of evangelization for you until you are well on your way to becoming a hub of missionary discipleship.

Parish Partnerships can help you change the culture of your parish...forever. 

What can I expect from a Parish Partnership with L'Alto?

We work side-by-side with our Parish Partners. Our goal is to help you get to your goal, together. We'll be at your parish working with your priests and staff to craft a vision for the parish. We'll together craft a plan that is uniquely suited to your parishes needs and resources. We'll raise up and form leaders in your parish to do person-to-person discipleship. 

This isn't about putting you through a program. You get us. 


If you want your Parish to have...

  • A parish wide-vision for evangelization and discipleship
  • A simple, clear, and well-communicated process for forming disciples in your parish
  • Small discipleship groups
  • An intercessory team specifically for evangelization efforts
  • The normal "on-ramps" into parish life be more effective at evangelizing
  • A real sense of community and hospitality that pervades the experience of a newcomer to your parish
  • Moments of powerful encounters with the person of Jesus Christ
  • A truly life-changing RCIA process
  • RE/Sac Prep programs that engage the entire family and spark conversion

...then a parish partnership is for you. 

Around halfway through our Partnership, we roll-out the new vision for a clear path to missionary discipleship to the entire parish. This communication blitz involves multiple touchpoints with the vision for the community including an address from the pastor at all of the weekend masses.

This parish that we were working with asked if I wouldn't mind coming to all of the weekend masses and speaking at a high-level about the vision and the "Ignite Spiritual Campaign" brand with which they had decided to market our new vision. This video can give you a sense for the approach that we bring to a parish. Enjoy!

Why should I be interested in a Parish Partnership?

  1. Vision: at L'Alto, we know that parish renewal does not happen overnight and we also know that there is no one program that can make an entire parish community mission-oriented and focused on discipleship. We are not interested in simply handing you a manual on how to do evangelization and walking away. We will work with your parish's leadership to provide a lens and desire for evangelization and the skills to pull it off. 

  2. Focus: we are committed to working intensively with a select number of parishes to see the implementation of a strategic process for parish renewal through to the end. We are careful to only work with a limited number of parishes at a time, so that we can provide our full focus to each of our partner parishes. You will have our dedication and attention all the way through this partnership. 
  3. Cost-effectiveness: Often, to bring about a process of parish renewal, it involves a considerable amount of time and energy including potentially the hiring of multiple new personnel and all pastors know how hard it is to get the right people with the right understanding, experience, and vision in place. Without having to paying us full-time salaries and benefits, you can bring the passion and experience of talented lay evangelists who you can trust to the service of your parish's mission. Our fee for parishes is heavily subsidized by our generous donors. 


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