One Night. A life-changing encounter.

Bring our one night, out-of-the box transformative spiritual experience to your parish!


Sample SCHEDULE (Weekend)

5 PM: Mass

6 PM: Potluck meal

7 PM: Dynamic Talk 

7:45 PM: Holy hour with praise and worship and confessions

9 PM: End

Sample Schedule (week Night)

5 30: Mass (optional)

6:15: Potluck meal

7 PM: Dynamic Talk

7: 45 PM: Holy hour with praise and worship and confessions

9 PM: End

The goal of our parish renewal event is to give Catholics that definitive encounter with Jesus Christ that will change their life forever. You just choose the day and time; we'll bring the speaker and worship leader.  

Don't worry about just scheduling one of our events during Lent or Advent; this could be a dynamic spiritual shot in the arm for your parish at any time during the year. You can even use our parish renewal event as something to invite people to who are returning to Mass at Christmas, Ash Wednesday, or Easter!

More than just "talks," our mission offers opportunities for powerful Eucharistic adoration with praise and worship and Confessions, if you are open to coordinating them. 

One doesn’t begin to be a Christian because of an ethical decision or a great idea, but rather because of an encounter with an event, with a Person, who gives new horizons to life, and with that, a decisive orientation.
— Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

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