Our Sunday Visitor Institute Helps L'Alto Catholic Institute Grow National Presence


With the support of a grant from the Our Sunday Visitor Institute, L’Alto will be able to bring its services to more parishes and dioceses in 2019 and 2020.

L’Alto Catholic Institute is pleased to announce a partnership with the Our Sunday Visitor Institute (OSVI) designed to make parishes hubs of missionary discipleship and beacons of the New Evangelization for the post-modern world.

Multiple different surveys and studies display a sobering picture for the Church in the U.S. As the number of Catholics rapidly declines, the fasting growing religious affiliation has become the “nones”, or those who profess no religious affiliation at all.

L’Alto Catholic Institute was formed in early 2017 with one simple idea: the parish is the great missionary opportunity for the Church. Its core conviction is that, if the structures of each parish can become radically oriented toward mission and forming disciples, the statistic trends we see can be turned around in a generation. In a time of possible discouragement, the Church should instead be enlivened by a bold and new missionary moment.

In order to become hubs of missionary discipleship, however, parishes generally need to undergo a significant cultural change and many want support in that matter. L’Alto Catholic Institute’s Parish Partnership, a nine month accompanying relationship, represents a substantial investment by L’Alto in a parish’s core leadership to begin setting a vision for how that community Wins, Builds, and Sends disciples. Historically, this Parish Partnership has only been operated by L’Alto’s area directors, but this grant from OSVI will allow L’Alto to expand those offerings to include a distance coaching option with video conferencing sessions, on-site visits, resources, and more.

Tim Glemkowski, founder and president director of L’Alto Catholic Institute, said of the OSVI grant that, “As a nascent apostolate, the support of OSVI as we grow nationally is an incredible benefit to our mission. Furthermore, we are grateful that an organization like Our Sunday Visitor, which is so widely respected in the Church, is willing to support innovative solutions to the contemporary challenges the Church in the U.S. and the world is facing!” 

“We dream of a Church where every single Catholic is an intentional disciple, living radically out their calls to holiness and mission in the midst of Christ’s own Church.”

For inquiries, contact L’Alto Catholic Institute at laltocatholic.com/contact or 630 384 9031.

Tim Glemkowski