Give to the future of the Church.

We are convinced that renewal in the Church will come when lay Catholics grab hold of the universal call to holiness, when the people in our pews become authentic disciples through encounters with Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. Every gift you extend to our ministry will help us to bring about that mission.

Consider Becoming a Partner in Mission

L'Alto Catholic Institute, if it is going to have the kind of impact that we believe it can, depends on Mission Partners who contribute to our mission on a monthly basis.

As a Partner in Mission, you will provide the backbone for the support that we need to help Catholic parishes become hubs of missionary discipleship. Our Partners are true companions in this mission and receive special newsletters from L'Alto with behind-the-scenes scoops on the state of the mission and what's coming up next for L'Alto. We want our relationship with our Partners in Mission to be more than financial, but true spiritual friendships as well. 

If we could humbly ask you to consider making a recurring monthly donation to L'Alto's mission below, we would be extraordinarily grateful.