Christmas Campaign

This Christmas, we are asking God for big things and we are hoping you will be a part of it. We are praying for Him to find us 50 people who are willing to commit to giving 25 dollars monthly to the mission of L'Alto Catholic Institute.

We have already watched how God has blown the doors off of our expectations in 2017 in terms of what  an impact our humble, little apostolate can make. We are continuing to dream big about how this institute can be an instrument in the hands of God in 2018 and we need your help. 

We truly see ourselves as a missionary organization, sent to the Chicagoland area to carry out the New Evangelization as called for by St. John Paul II.

And now, this Christmas, for the cost of Spotify and Netflix a month, you can make a huge difference in the life of the Church. 

Will you consider being a key part of our mission support by making a commitment of 25 dollars each month? 

Your donation will go to growing and expanding our efforts toward building a culture of missionary discipleship in the greater Chicagoland area through parish missions, discipleship formation, and renewing parishes from the inside out in our Parish Partnership. 

L'Alto Catholic Institute, NFP is a 501c3 exempt organization, EIN 82-0642675. All of your contributions will be fully tax exempt.

Put out into deep water and lower your nets for a catch.
— Luke 5:4